Our consultants have the opportunity to develop their skills in an environment which values learning and initiative

Why Strategic Partners Group?

As a boutique firm, we offer a unique working and learning environment.

You will have the opportunity to assist leading executives with strategy development and gain significant international exposure through overseas postings and global project teams.

You will work alongside our senior staff who will take the time to impart their knowledge and experience and be part of an entrepreneurial team with an exceptional commitment to client service.

Professional Development

Strategic Partners Group places great emphasis on individual development and learning.

On the Job Experience

We ensure our staff the opportunity to work across many industries in many roles on many different types of project.

Formal Training

Our training program will provide you with a basis for a set of consulting tools and skills.


Our mentoring system gives all staff the opportunity to learn from and interact with Directors outside of case engagement.

Performance Review

Our system of performance reviews is supported by frank and constructive formal and informal feedback.

Career path

Strategic Partners Group has a flat structure that allows all members of the firm to become actively involved in many levels of client work. Our reward system is entirely merit-based, meaning that consultants are promoted and rewarded based on the quality of their contribution, not on seniority.


Consultants contribute to projects in a multitude of ways: from market analysis to customer interviews to financial modeling.


Associates structure and oversee analytical approaches, synthesize conclusions and support change in client's organization.


Managers develop work plans, manage case teams and serve as the central point of contact between the client and the case team. They lead internal initiatives such as recruiting, training and capability development.


Directors pursue and develop client relationships, and provide counsel to senior members of client teams. They also contribute significantly to project work, especially issue mapping and recommendation development.