The global chemical industry is facing a changing competitive landscape: entire value chains shift to Asia, new players emerge in the Middle East, U.S. petrochemicals take advantage of the shale gas revolution, consolidation in customer sectors drags down margins while the potential for new chemical entities appears to be largely exploited.


The main challenges for established chemical players will be to concomitantly secure their access to competitive feedstock and growth markets, rationalize their portfolio of assets, enhance their customer-centricity and leverage on innovation to transform their business models.


At Strategic Partners Group, we advise our chemicals clients on the reconfiguration of their portfolio of activities, the development of their growth strategies, the management of innovation and the optimization of capital investments.


Our expertise in chemicals covers a range of business segments, markets and geographies. Business segments: intermediates, performance polymers, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals. Markets: agriculture, nutrition, automotive, chemicals, electronics, energy, lifestyle, personal care. Geographies: North America, Europe, South East Asia (Thailand, Singapore), China, North East Asia (Korea, Taiwan), Japan.


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