Consumer Goods & Retail

In a fiercely competitive field characterized by complex supply chains, lack luster demand in mature economies, market opportunities in developing countries, changes in consumer behavior and the advent of digital media it is essential for consumer goods and retail companies alike to keep their leading brands growing and retail franchise attractive to ever choosy and selective consumers and shoppers.


Winning in these markets requires smart and informed strategic choices to capture growth pockets and relentless effectiveness in operational execution.


At Strategic Partners Group, we advise our consumer goods and retail clients on strategy and productivity issues that drive their top line growth and operating margin: entry into new geographies, penetration of new channels, acquisitions, route-to-market choices, value-based partnerships, store productivity and SG&A optimization.


Our expertise in consumer goods and retail covers a range of categories, business segments and geographies. Categories: food, beverages, household products, luxury goods, personal care. Business segments: mass distribution, specialty distribution, selective distribution. Geographies: Brazil, Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan.


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