Energy & Utilities

Rapid growth in energy demand from developing countries, competition for finite energy resources, increasing concerns for climate change and new regulatory frameworks are fundamentally altering global energy and power sectors at a time when new investments are required to replace aging production facilities and transportation and distribution networks.


The main challenges for participants in the power sector will be to take an active part in the infrastructure buildup of emerging economies, ensure an efficient transition to a low carbon electricity mix, position themselves on alternative energy sources, define new mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and develop their internal capacity to adapt to changing market conditions.


At Strategic Partners Group, we advise our energy and utility clients on the long-term dynamics of energy systems and the development of their commercial, innovation and investment strategies.


Our expertise in energy and utilities covers a range of energy sources, business segments and geographies. Energy sources: oil, natural gas, nuclear, renewables. Business segments: downstream oil and gas, nuclear fuels, power generation, electricity storage, electricity transmission and distribution. Geographies: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Africa, Russia, India, China, Japan.


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