Life Sciences & Healthcare

The global life science industry, especially but not exclusively in mature markets, is experiencing an unprecedented pressure on price levels and profitability as a consequence of the ever rising demand for health care, national budget deficits, decreasing returns on R&D investment and the increasing level of commercial sophistication required to win in these markets.


The industry must adapt by re-thinking its traditional ways of doing business and resolve many issues whose responses will sort out the winners from the losers in the decade to come: innovative models to deliver value-creating R&D, real world outcome-based differentiation to support demand for new and existing products, value-based pricing, out-patient strategy and operating model to address the rising potential for homecare, reset of commercial strategies and capabilities to win with a diverse customer base.


At Strategic Partners Group, we advise our life sciences and healthcare clients in two important areas that drive growth and profitability: maximizing value from current assets (customers, capabilities, people, systems) by guiding resource allocation choices to increase Return on Commercial Investment; building new assets to capture emerging profitable growth opportunities by assessing new value streams and designing the strategy and operating models required to capture this value.


Our expertise in life sciences and healthcare covers a range of constituencies, therapeutic areas, channels and geographies. Constituencies: patients (pediatrics, adults, elderly), HCPs (hospitals, community), healthcare managers and regulators (purchasers, payers, registration bodies), wholesalers, distributors and other logistic service specialists, healthcare service providers and advocacy groups (patient organizations, KOLs). Therapeutic areas: allergy, dementia, geriatrics, metabolics, oncology, respiratory. Channels: hospitals, homecare, care homes, community physicians, pharmacies, digital channels. Geographies: Brazil, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Japan.


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