Metals & Mining

Downstream industries are facing new challenges with regards to the supply of advanced materials vital to the future of mobility and energy: the value chains of these critical minerals and metals are mostly controlled by Asian and American players, and sometimes by competitors who have invested in them.


At the same time new markets are emerging for mining and metallurgical companies as well as for industrial minerals’ suppliers, which require specific processing technologies and a proper understanding of what is at stake, to evaluate the investments required.


Automotive, aerospace, engineering and power generation players need to secure their access to raw materials, and to innovate to develop the advanced materials they require to offer differentiated high-performance solutions. On the other hand, materials’ suppliers need to seize valuable opportunities for sound business growth, with the appropriate insight.


At Strategic Partners Group, we advise our downstream and upstream clients on the risks and opportunities in the materials’ value chains, the security of their supplies and outlets, the management of innovation in advanced materials, and the optimization of sourcing, partnerships and investments in the mining and processing of metals and minerals.


Our expertise in metals and mining covers a range of commodities, value-added steps, markets and geographies. Commodities: aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, manganese, iron & steel, lithium, cobalt, tungsten, rare earths, molybdenum, niobium. Value-added steps: mineral exploration, mineral processing and beneficiation, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, refining, alloying, steelmaking, metal transformation (rolling, forging, drawing, shaping…), recycling. Markets: automotive, energy, electronics. Geographies: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, North East Asia.


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