Growth in the power sector


Our client, a global player in the electricity sector, wished to revisit its strategic options in the context of an increasingly uncertain environment. Strategic Partners Group was engaged to assist the organization to think about its future in a creative and constructive manner.

Case work

Phase I: vision development
Researched long-term trends for the energy sector. Identified possible disruptive events. Developed a set of plausible scenarios for supply and demand. Characterized scenarios to 2050 for each major consuming country in terms of energy policy and electricity mix. Articulated regional platforms based on their willingness to cooperate on geostrategic, economic and environmental issues.

Phase II: strategy development
Explored with management teams the implications that are posed by each scenario and across the set as a whole. Tested technology choices, investment programs and partnership schemes against the range of different outcomes. Redesigned strategic action plans at regional and global levels.


Our work resulted in a shared understanding of the challenges ahead and a higher impact, more balanced portfolio of strategic options endorsed by the entire organization. It also served as an open, multi-faceted communication tool facilitating convergence with key stakeholders (customers, partners, regulators).